Get to Know Your Roulette Game

Roulette is a well-known casino game. It came from a French word, which means ‘little wheel.’ Yes, it is that game with a wheel and a ball where the ball lands on a number. If you bet on that number, you can win money or chips. Some said that Blaise Pascal created the first form of the roulette wheel.

There are several kinds of roulette, and each has unique quirks. Let us tackle some of them.

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Famous Forms of Roulette

It is essential to know how the game works first. Players place their bets on the playing field. If the ball drops to your chip, you get paid. If it falls to 0, that is quite a sad story. For online casinos, the bettor needs to click their chosen number and spin the wheel.

Get to Know Your Roulette Game

#1. American Roulette

The wheel in American has 38 numbers, and it has a double zero. Unlike other forms, the casino has a higher edge than you. While the chance of winning is minimal, the jackpot amount is higher. Players have their own set of colored chips, and they tell the dealer what their values are.

#2. European Roulette

This European wheel has 37 numbers, from 0 to 36. Unlike the first one, you have a higher chance of winning since it does not have a double 00. Many prefer this version over American roulette for the house advantage is at 2.63% only.

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#3. French Roulette

It has a record as the queen of all casino games. It became popular after the French revolution, and it is the oldest roulette in town. The table layout of this game is different, and you have a lower rate of winning than the American roulette because its house edge is at 1.35%. Unlike the red and black colors, it uses white, red, or black.

Other Forms of Online Roulette

Apart from being French, European, or American, modern-day roulette is categorized based on its play system.

Get to Know Your Roulette Game

#1. Mini Roulette

This game is unique because it only has 13 numbers, from 0-12. Please do not get your hopes high quickly because it does not assure a higher success rate, either. Some versions have a ball and a wheel, while others have a marker only.

#2. Double Ball Roulette

Compared to the standard roulette game, this version has two balls rolling on the table. While this is not a common variation found in most online casino games, some are interested in playing this one. Others see this as more prone to biases, and it does not give relative advantages to higher payouts.

#3. Multi-Wheel Roulette

You have the freedom to decide on how many wheels you play. Your bet shall multiply on the number of your roulette wheels. Thus, you have more chances that one of the balls will fall on your chip if it is your lucky day.

Bottom Line

Roulette, like other online casino games, has different forms. Some are traditional, while others were out of innovation. They may have uniform rules, but other versions have higher chances of winning. Like a game of luck, it has no consistent instructions on how to succeed in roulette.