Break away lucky wilds


Microgaming has made sure that all players have an amazing gaming experience every time through their appealing online slots games. Break Away Lucky Wilds is an online slot game with a blue screen and a great color combination that make it very attractive. The game is based on the movie where the character of FBI agent John D. Rainbird played a casino game and won millions of dollars. The game promises fun and excitement through its various casino games and exciting icons. The game has two versions to cater to different audiences, one for single players and another one for multi-player gaming.

The first version of Break Away Lucky Wilds is for single players and has no money value but has a good number of free spins, called multiplier trails. This version has four small icons located in a circle near the reel that resemble the coins that are scattered in the movie. When you pull the lever and the icons light up, it means that you will have to get as many coins as possible. The icons have a total of thirteen coins and the amount of free spins that you will have is dependent on the total number of coins in the icon circle.

The second version of the game has multi-player slots and has single player mode. In this version, you need to bet in accordance with the value of each of the icons. There are actually seven categories for you to choose from, which are based on the movie itself. The prizes in this slot machine game include a trip to Hawaii for free, a bottle of wine, a car for two, tickets to theele with concert, and tickets to the Broadway play of “Olga”. You can bet as much money as you want and win the jackpot.

In the third slot game of Break Away Lucky Wilds, you will be asked to place your finger on certain symbols while you point them out with your eyes. When you successfully identify all the symbols without looking at them, you will win a prize. The prize in this game ranges from ten dollars to a season ticket to the Wild’s games in the playoffs.

The last version of this game has icons that match five symbols. When the icons are matched, a corresponding symbol will appear on the screen and the player will win. The icons in this game are L, R, S, T, and J. The payout in this game is lower than the other variations. When a player points out a correct symbol, a circle will appear around it on the screen and the player will hear the Wild theme song. This version of Break Away Lucky Wilds features a different payout compared to the other games.

When you play Break Away Lucky Wilds, it will use the base game reels that come with four different icons on them. The icons match up to five so you can mix and match to win more prizes. You will also have a chance to play with the bonus reel feature where you can see how many times you win a certain amount of money and the songs will even play when you are playing with the reels.