Electric avenue


Electric Avenue is a newer version of the classic slots offering players 6 free reels to gamble with, a single slot ball for every hand, and four rows of vintage 1980s symbols representing vintage electronic video hardware, arcade games and classic video games. This is not your dad’s video arcade! In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The graphics in this new version are very clean, with sharp images and great sound effects. The actual slot machines themselves are very nice too, including a hi-tech digital LED display. The Electric Avenue slots are easy to understand and play, but with the many coins on the table it can get confusing with all the icons and symbols on the screen at once.

The game is based on the same simple system used in the old video arcade games of decades ago. There are a certain number of coins (known as “payouts”) to collect before the screen will turn off. You must time your clicks correctly to get the maximum number of coins. Your success in Electric Avenue depends upon your ability to judge the type of symbols present on the reels and bet appropriately. The payout percentages are as follows: regular paylines, high bet, medium bet, low bet and double bet. You can change your payout percentage by betting more or less on any of the five paylines.

There are two different ways you can play electric avenue slot game. First, you can play it right in your home computer. This allows you to sit back and relax, allowing your brain to focus only on what you’re doing. Secondly, you can play on an internet casino.

If you prefer to play the game with friends or family members, it’s recommended that each player to use his or her own personal computer to connect to the web. This way, everyone has their own individual icon on the interface to show which symbol they are betting on. The player can also set up the graphics display to show which symbols are popular on the display. The graphics include: the familiar “A” (arrow), the “B” (blue) and “C” (green) icons, plus the electric Pole (yellow).

Playing on the web against live players ensures that you have the opportunity to observe how others play, which helps you refine your own strategy. You’ll also see the icons of those who are most popular with the big crowd-those who tend to be in the “A” and “B” categories on the video slots reel interface. Remember, these icons represent the real money icons that are on screen; those in the “C” category are play money and those in the “B” category are bonus icons that cannot be used when you play electric video slots.

When you play the Electric Avenue in New York, you’ll find that the bonus features for this casino are many and varied. There are a total of 22 bonus features available, including four “lucky” symbols, a “lottery” type of wilds slot machine, and three jackpot slots. These jackpots are called the Big Jackpots, and they are awarded based on the total amount of credits you have when you initially play. Credit amounts range from one dollar into the millions. The various “wilds” add a random element to the game and will often provide the basis for larger jackpot winnings.