Gladiators of rome

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Because of the growing popularity of gladiator games, many people opted to become gladiators themselves. Although the public lauded gladiators, most gladiators were condemned criminals or slaves. There were also free men who chose to fight for fame and fortune. Gladiators’ lives were incredibly stressful and expensive, and the majority never recovered from the trauma of the battles. There was even a high turnover rate, so some gladiators became trainers at gladiator schools.

Players will find two special symbols in the Gladiators of Rome slot game. A wild symbol features an angry gladiator, while the scatter symbol shows two gladiators fighting. The word “bonus” is written across the bottom of the wild symbol. The wild symbol can help players pick up more winning combinations by filling in the gaps in combinations. However, they must be lucky to get three wild symbols on an active payline.