Multi hand vegas downtown blackjack

If you are tired of the same old Multi Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack game, you can try the gold version. Powered by the Microgaming software developers, this version of the classic card game offers stripped-down gameplay without the side bets and surprises. All you have to do is beat the Dealer by getting closer to 21 than the Dealer! Trying your luck with this game is definitely a great way to pass the time!

This game is available with two decks of 52 cards. This means that the dealer can show you two different hands, one of which may be a pair. In a land-based casino, a player must place another bet before he can split. However, in Vegas Downtown Blackjack, the player can split up to three times and have 4 separate hands. The software will prompt you to accept or decline insurance after the first two cards are dealt.

Another great variation of the game is Vegas Downtown Blackjack, which is also known as single-hand blackjack. The rules for this game are almost identical to the rules of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, though the latter uses a single deck. The single-deck version is a better alternative to multi-hand blackjack, but if you are not sure which one to play, we recommend Single Deck Blackjack instead. This game is also made by Microgaming, which ensures smooth graphics and a pleasant casino lounge soundtrack.