Sherlock of london


Sherlock of London is a casino game that uses one of the most famous television detectives of all time as its main stage. With a colorful background of a Victorian London hidden in foggy, misty mists, this casino game is loaded with iconic figures and images that have come right out of the great Sherlock stories. Played over 25 different paylines and five reels, this exciting game provides an abundance of possible winning combinations. From Watson’s perpetually peering eyes to the cackling murder victim himself, Sherlock Holmes and his team of investigation experts are sure to make any fan of this classic TV show squirm with delight.

The mechanics of this fun slot game closely follows the original version, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Devil’s Chamber. Players start by selecting one of six fictional characters. Watson is the first to be rolled and is followed by Mycroft Holmes, deductions wizard Sir Agathos, Sherlock Holmes’ faithful sidekick, Madame Fate, and Rufus Triton, who is a British government advisor. Watson and the other players are then exposed to the mystery of the game through a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Watson is tasked to solve a crime using deductive reasoning while staying within the limits of the law. In order to do this, he must engage in mini-games and riddles designed to test his skills.

Unlike the conventional versions of this deduction and reasoning game, Sherlock of London includes three main game variations. The first one involves the use of real-world locations like Stone Street, the Bank, and the Palace. Another variation features Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in brand new environments like a train station, a classroom, a restaurant, and a prison. Finally, the last variant–The Master of Deception–consists of two teams of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Players take turns selecting a specific character, and each team must solve a mystery before the next round begins.

Like any other casino game, the mechanics of Sherlock of London revolve around the mechanics of deduction and reasoning. For each round, players receive a certain number of free spins. Free spins are used to search for clues and make deductions about each clue presented to them. A clue can point to a certain location or item within a particular city block or can connect a certain piece of clothing with a specific person or item. Once all the free spins are complete, players have up to three chances to solve a case before the next round begins.

Although the game mechanics are based on standard casino games, many online casinos are introducing variants of Sherlock Holmes games to keep their players interested. For instance, one free spin can be followed by another, giving players a double chance at solving a case. Furthermore, some online casinos are offering “lucky” slots, which feature special jackpots that can only be won with a single spin. Because these lucky slots are tied to specific frequency occurrences, such as the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day or a national holiday, they allow players to feel a bit more in control over their gaming experience.

The three reel styles that Sherlock of London features include “loops,” “paybacks,” and “reels.” Loops represent the sections of your case that are open at any given moment, while paybacks occur at specific times. Finally, reels cover everything from general missing information and set-up to specific crimes that occurred in the story. Most online casinos use the same reels, but some add a fourth, fifth or sixth reel to provide an even greater chance of hitting it big when searching for the suspect. Using a variety of unique reels, and combining different colors for different case sections, will help you get the most out of your Sherlock of London slot machine experience.